Winter 2009

It’s a most wonderful time of the year and you’ll hear the sleigh bells ringing and snow flakes glistening on every page of the Winter issue of Cape May Magazine. Who can resist personal interviews with the Team that carries tourists about the streets of Cape May practically year round? Our feature Meet the Team introduces you to old-timers like Buck and Sterling, the distinguished Ulysses and newcomers War Lord and April. We’ll also give you the history and an insider’s look at St. Peters-By-The-Sea, The Gingerbread Church, as well as one of our oldest and most distinguished historic hotels, The Inn of Cape May: It’s a Family Affair.

Our Persnickety Chef is never more creative than when the holidays roll around. This year he writes about the history and recipes that make the Italian tradition of the Seven Fishes or La Vigilia a festive and memorable event which your family can enjoy whether you are Italian or not.

Feature stories:

Inn of Cape May
Where Ford and Chevrolet once placed a bet

Yuletide Greetings
Holiday interiors

St. Peter’s by-the-Sea
A study in survival

From the Horse’s Mouth
with the Cape May Carriage Company

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