July 2011

We have a great summer line-up in the July issue of Cape May Magazine, even I do say so myself. Everyone loves the Lobster House – the food, the ambience, and especially the fact that this family-owned business began selling fish on the docks of Schellenger Landing back in 1939. Four generations later, they’re still at it. Read Lynn Martenstein’s The Laudemans: Still Making Waves in Fishing.

People have been looking for whales along Cape May’s shores dating back to the 1700s and the interest is just keen today as it was then. Nature Center of Cape May’s sanctuary director Gretchen Whitman shares her insights on Spout Spotting off the Cape for Cape May Magazine in this issue.

The Cove, at the western end of the Promenade, has held a special fascination for beachgoers for decades. One of the most interesting aspects of the Cove is that one never knows what it will look like from one month or even one week to the next. Read The Mysteries of the Cove to discover why this is so.

We are particularly pleased to feature Justine Axelesson in the July issue of The Islander. After her sophomore year in college, the 2003 Lower Cape May Regional High School graduate, marked her course for East Africa. In 2006 she and her friend founded the non-profit group Flying Kites and established their own orphanage. We trust you will find her tale as awe inspiring as we did.

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