June 2011

We asked. You answered. We responded. We asked Cape May Magazine readers what articles they like best and many of you responded that you love history – Cape May History to be precise. Well, history buffs, we hit the mother lode in the June issue. The Cape May harbor celebrates is centennial anniversary this month and Mark Allen from the Nature Center of Cape May has done an excellent job of telling the story (100 Years on the Harbor) of how the Harbor came about and where it’s going.

Three writers recap the halcyon days in Cape May when the Hydrangea was Queen of this Seaside Resort in Beach MemoirsFollowing the Hydrangea Trail. But wait – the memories may be from the past, but the photographs are of present-day gardens. Bright, colorful and glossy blooms to enjoy, admire and maybe aspire to.

And where would we be without our culinary curmudgeon Persnickety Chef to lead us off the road of the mundane and plebian – or worse – fast food take-out? This month Persnickety focuses on herbs, Budding Tastes of June. Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but there’s a recipe for Watermelon-Fennel Salad that is to die for. Okay, I can’t tell you anymore or I’ll really let the cat out the bag and boy will I be in trouble.

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