Winter 2008

Hard to believe, but the Winter 2008 issue is slated for newsstands November 11. And what an issue! I guarantee there won’t be a dry eye in the house after you’ve read Cape May Magazine cover to cover. To begin, we bring you scenes from Iraq. Our former freelance photographer, Crpl. Erin Kirk, is now a USMC combat photographer and recently returned from Iraq. In her case, “one picture truly is worth more than a thousand words.”

One of our favorite “locals” is profiled this month in The Islander. You won’t want to miss this heartfelt interview with Lois Smith. Writer Karen Fox captures the beauty of Lois’ life and her world which is as rich and complex as her quilting and her singing.

Of course, we have our annual holiday interior gallery for your viewing please, Decking the Halls, a la Cape May.

Feature Stories

The Sea Mist: A Return to Glory
Decking the Halls: Holiday Decor Cape May Style
Close-Ups from Iraq
Trains, Trains, Trains

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